724 Front St.
Georgetown, SC

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Come back home... to the Townhouse!

A restaurant is more than the name it carries on the outside - it is a combination of the talents and skills of the people within which make it magical.

There's a place where that is beginning to happen again...

...at the Townhouse Restaurant.

Owner Wendy Goude has been an integral part of the Front Street dining scene for 20 years, and now, ready to put her own imprimateur on Front Street, she has stepped out on her own.

The Townhouse Restaurant brings you a menu of Lowcountry and local dishes along with more classic offerings. Emphasizing a farm-to-table (& sea-to-table) approach for the freshest, healthiest ingredients possible, we invite you to come by for a relaxing evening with a wholesome, delicious meal, prepared from fresh and to your order.


#1 Restaurant in Georgetown

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Townhouse Restaurant

724 Front St, Georgetown, SC


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